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The Full Story

In 2018 One Voice Shelter Coalition, Inc. was organized after many requests from individuals needing shelter. These were not  people living under the bridge but the New Faces of Homelessness, people with jobs, children, those that live, work and worship in our communities.

It is the person behind you at the grocery store, the person that
works down the hall in another office and the person sitting on the
same bench at worship with you. Their cars become their shelter,
sleeping on someone’s sofa is

Common place and sleeping behind dumpster’s is as real as
believing that homelessness does exists.

The citizens of Lee County deserve better. OVSC Northridge is
for women with and without children, OVSC Beulah Shelter
is for families.

OVSC was organized to provide a “Hand Up Not A Hand Out”
to those that are homeless and can not get assistance from any
other agency because they work.

There are more families living in motels at this time than at any
other time in the history of Lee County.

OVSC is not only a place to sleep it is a home that God has
provided for those in need here in Lee County. A safe temporary/transitional home for nine months to a year. Sharing the love of Christ gives each one comfort and stability while living there. Many resources such as counseling, education opportunities through the ASCEND Program at Southern Union Community College, credit repair, health  through Mercy Medical Clinic and Support Intervention once the person transition out is available for all that pass through our home!


OVSC is not finished we still have to continue providing safe emergency/transitional shelter to all of those families and individuals that still need a safe place to live.

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